At Home With Caitlin

December 14, 2015

Hey there, it’s been so long since I last posted and it makes me very sad that my heads been elsewhere. With that said I’m back and have some photos taken by my beautiful friend who’s studying Fashion Communications at Uni!

This is one of my casual denim dresses, which is from Miss Selfridge and is the dream fit, I mean it! You could say it’s slightly like the Alexa Chung denim dress from AG Jeans, so technically something she would wear right? A lot of denim dresses that I had tried on seemed to fit like a potato sack…which of course I didn’t want but this one was more fitted which I would usually go for. I like to keep my accessories minimal for a an outfit like this because of the button detailing and as I’m at home I don’t need to be dressing up for anything. I do love a good denim piece in Autumn and Winter, although I would advice you wear tights with this dress if you are planning on going out doors… I made the mistake of not wearing any and I definitely regretted it (it is England after all!)

Caitlin x

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