Black Hair and Rock Vibes

March 1, 2016


My hair is black!!! I still can’t believe I actually plucked up the courage to dye it this colour and i’m so glad I did as I really feel it suits me more… although I do see some brown coming through already which I don’t want!! 

I don’t know about you but mom jeans have become my favourite jeans to wear, and I found the best slim fit mom jeans from Asos which I now have in a light denim and a darker denim… I also want the black because, well you may as well have every colour! They’re so casual and great jeans for pottering round the house in. And behold my dream All Saints jacket that was a Christmas present from my mum and dad. I have wanted one of these jackets for so long and was always unable to buy one because of the price, but during their black Friday sales they did 30% off and I was over the moon. I went for a greyish black one as I wanted it to be different from your typical black leather jacket. 

Outfit two: 


Have definitely been feeling baseball tops recently and picked up this black and white one from Two Seasons; a kinda skateboard/surfer style shop and great for super casual tops. I needed some more printed t-shirts and love the text on the front of this one…super cute!

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