My Dream Place To Live!

April 22, 2016

People are probably fed up of me sharing endless photos of my trip to California that was just over two years ago but travelling here really did make me dream about living on the West Coast of California… and I still dream about it now. 

It’s really crazy when I think about how at home I felt there; even more than here in England (my actual home). I still can remember the higgledy piggledy colourful houses that sloped on the streets of San Francisco; the steep road that the tour guide told us not to walk down but we had already walked down it the previous day. The amazing palm trees and hills that went on forever along the Santa Barbara coastline; the place that will always be my favourite location to ever have visited. The high end shops that grace the streets around Rodeo Drive in LA, where window shopping really is your only option with half the stores there. 

I hope to go back there one day and will definitely save up to do a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway again. 

Caitlin x 

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