A Personal Post: Inspiration, Positivity and a little bit of Feminism!

June 9, 2016

Recently I’ve been feeling inspired by the things around me; getting up with a much more positive mindset than ever before, reminding myself constantly that If I’m not happy with a part of my life then I need to work on it and change it to something that makes me feel uplifted and happy. Feeling inspired 24/7 can be tricky, and sometimes feels like a virtually impossible thing to do; we all experience them uninspired days when we sit on our bed in the morning and hope that the motivation and inspiration we so utterly crave will just magically appear. On days I do feel uninspired I tend to scrapbook; something I’ve been doing since I was probably about 10. I like to get pictures of places I want to visit, styles I like, people I find inspiring (lots of bloggers as you can imagine) and stick them in a book where I tend to catch a bit of wanderlust. 

Removing negativity from my life has been something I’ve worked on over the years, saying goodbye to people that bring me nothing but annoyance. In particular people who like to turn positive things you do with your life into negatives; most of the time these people are stuck with their lives unable to fathom out what they are good at and enjoy, thus turning to people with a passion for something (blogging in my case) and using this as an insult ground… but always staying true to myself and what I love was important. I always think that if someone is talking about what you are doing as a passion then you should take it as flattery really, just know they have time to discuss what you are doing. 

It’s hard to always avoid negativity I know; I mean we live in a world where girls slate other girls and society rates women showing any sign of sexualisation as something unjust but that’s a whole new topic; something Chloe Plumstead from the blog ‘The Little Plum’ talks about and I’d definitely recommend reading her post about feminism… I know a lot of us girls can relate to what she says. 

It would be nice to go out on a night out without dreading being ‘touched up’ by some man who thinks it’s okay to grab your ass because you’re having a good time with your friends, or perhaps having some guy lurking behind you thrusting into you and no matter how many times you tell him to go away, he still remains there.  Oh, and the whole commotion behind girls revealing a little too much, what’s wrong with a little bit of skin? I do think we need to discuss feminism more and sexism and not shy away from the subject. 

As much as I love talking about fashion it’s nice to sometimes venture out and write something personal for a change and I enjoy being able to use my blog as a platform for getting my opinion and stories across. 


Caitlin x

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  1. Love this 😘😘 Women should empower each other .


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