Cyprus Travel Diary

September 19, 2016


(Top: Missguided / Bottoms: American Apparel)


Hi, I’m now back from my holiday to Cyprus and it’s safe to say I had the most amazing time in such a beautiful location. If you follow me on Instagram you will have probably seen me spamming my holiday pictures all over your newsfeed; but who wouldn’t when you are staying somewhere as picturesque as Pissouri Bay? Or travelling to somewhere where the water is so crystal clear it looks like something from a postcard? Taking the week off work for some time to relax and explore the pretty places surrounding Paphos took me into a world where I didn’t really wanna come back and jump straight back into normality…I’m definitely one for being extremely happy and having that care free sense when I’m somewhere where the sun is constantly shining, a pool is right on your doorstep, a vast stretch of beach is just minutes away and on route the ice cream means you just can’t say no each day!

We stayed in the most perfect Villa, the garden was big and steps brought you down onto the pool; the ideal place to jump in when the heat became too much. I always love staying in Villas on holiday, the privacy and space to do your own thing makes the trip even more chilled; something you kinda want when you are taking time off work to travel abroad. Whats better was the 5 minute walk to the beach; where we went on the Jet Skis twice (was rather interesting going on with someone who loves speed and races a bike…as you can imagine going on the back was a slightly scary experience to say the least).

On one of the days we travelled to catch a boat that took us to the ‘Blue Lagoon’ a place where the water was so crisp clear and the surrounding area seemed so remote and peaceful. We got to jump of the boat and used to snorkels to swim to one of the rocks further out at sea which I absolutely loved; I’d never snorkelled before so it was nice to do it somewhere where you could literally see to the bottom where the reefs were full of little fishes.

The food in Cyprus, I wouldn’t even know where to start, but on nearly every menu they served one of my favourite dishes *Chicken A La Creme (chicken in a white whine sauce with mushrooms and onions) just thinking about it now is making me drawl. The cocktails were even nicer, trying a Frozen Strawberry Margarita; which tasted more like a slushy than a cocktail but was quick to become my favourite drink.

Whenever I come back from a holiday it seriously takes me a couple days to get back into the swing of reality and right now I have some serious holiday blues and wanderlust thinking about where I want to go to next, if only it was acceptable and I could afford to go abroad all the time…I don’t think I’d spend much time in England if I could! Travel to me is not just about finding new places and taking pretty pictures but also about swapping stories and getting to know the people you go with even more. Whether I’m driving down the Pacific Highway in California, or swimming in the salty Mediterranean Ocean in Cyprus I loose myself and find that I feel so much more content than I ever will at home.


(Shirt: H&M / Shorts: Levis / Sunglasses: Zara / Belt: Topshop)

(Top and Bottoms: MissGuided)

(Swimsuit: H&M)


Caitlin x

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