The Dreamer

January 21, 2017

I’m a dreamer and an optimist but I’m also a realist. I’m the type of girl who lives for unplanned adventures, last minute dates, meeting new people and visiting new places. I live for the idea that one day I will live somewhere as beautiful as the California coastline, as cool as downtown Brooklyn or as picturesque as Amsterdam. I believe that anything is possible as long as you work hard for it, and as long as you want it bad enough. Those who have drive and passion, will understand that chasing our dreams is just innate within us and that it can haunt us  on days we  feel like we aren’t catching our dreams…not yet anyway. 


My dreams and goals for life are quite simple and aren’t entirely out of my reach, I mean one of the things I dream most about is living somewhere beautiful, somewhere that feels like home. I dream about having a career that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning and determined to put everything I have into it. I dream about being with someone who brings me happiness and makes me want to be nothing more than myself. I dream that I won’t ever loose my ways and that I won’t fail myself, in terms of what I want to achieve. These are all practical dreams, not impossible to achieve. I mean I don’t wan’t to fly to the moon and all that, but if you do then good for you, you go chase your dreams as well!

The problem sometimes is that my mind gets stuck when trying to chase my dreams and turn them all into my reality, because lets face it the actual doing part is trickier than it seems. We can sit there and talk about all our hopes and dreams for the future but when it actually comes down to making them happen we need some sort of plan. I have a plan, and have done for a few years now but recently (more than ever) I’ve felt so determined to make my dreams come true in the next few years that I’ve driven myself crazy with endless thoughts and ideas on what I want to do and how I actually plan on doing it. Sometimes I wanna just pack my bag, head to a city and see what happens…

Dreams to me, are a way of holding onto something that’s bigger than what we are, they take us away from reality and into a world where we feel at peace with life and ourselves, they encourage us to push forward each day and to never give up hope that we will one day look at where we are and think ‘I’m so incredibly happy with my life.’ However following your dreams doesn’t always mean the path in front of you is gonna be smooth…it’s just inevitable that we will come across barriers on the way, but I plan on always trying to see the silver lining and carrying on forward. 

Social media is a real crusher of dreams sometimes. Yanoe them days where you sit and scroll down your favourite persons instagram and just think ‘I WANT THERE LIFE’ and how it’s everything you could have ever dreamt of? Well it’s that point you need to start realising that everyone’s lifes are different and to remember that people choose not to share the negative parts of their lives online, so don’t let that bring you down or compare your life to someone else’s, just let that encourage you to keep on dreaming and doing! 


I’m the type of girl who writes her dreams down, all my ideas and crazy thoughts I like to look back on and think about how often my mind wonders and goes into this dream world; a bit like Alice from Alice In Wonderland…which makes perfect sense seeing as it’s one of my favourite books! My head isn’t in the clouds though like Alice (not all the time anyway) and often I think about how If I plan too much then I will forget to live in the moment and that’s something I don’t want to ever forget to do. So, I want to carry on dreaming and never stop working towards my goals, but also I want to be able to remember to stop, slow down and appreciate what’s right in front of me, at this moment in time. 

Jacket: Asos

Trousers: H&M

Top: Topshop 

Boots: Office

Bag: Mango 

Caitlin x 

5 responses to “The Dreamer”

  1. India pixie says:

    This whole post just sums up how I feel – it's like we're the same person!! Also you're in Northampton? I'm in Milton Keynes, we're super close! I love this bomber jacket so much!! Killin it girl xxx

  2. Hey babes! I've nominated you for The Blogger Recognition Award! Read my post here: Emily xo

  3. This post really speaks to me, I am the worst for always looking so far forward at the things I haven't achieved yet and I forget to stop & look back at how far I've come…

    I'm really trying to give myself a break and stop overthinking every little thing, but nice to know it's not just me who has these thoughts! xxx


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