It’s Got Soul!

April 28, 2017

It’s true when they say a pair of shoes can take you a long way, not just making an outfit feel as thought it’s complete but also in terms of life. The perfect shoes have to tick a few boxes, you don’t want them to be uncomfortable, running errands shouldn’t give you blisters, they need to be well designed, timeless and obviously beautiful at that. Enter ‘It’s Got Soul’ who if you haven’t heard of them are a Northampton run shoe designer specialising in shoes that are all about comfort and support…and also the brand I discovered THE perfect red boots *que heart eyes.

‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’


I used to own about four pairs of shoes.I never understood that a simple pair of shoes could transform an outfit, how they could be the centre of attention but now I realise how amazing a good pair of shoes can make you feel, the kinda shoes that make you feel like you have slippers on…and boy can I say not a lot of shoes can do this. I think sometimes we get a little lost in fashion, trying so hard to look perfect we end up risking life and limb just to look the part (not quite literally). We wear shoes that end up making us want to cry all because they look ‘pretty’ and don’t get me wrong, I totally confess and put my hands up to that, that was until these shoes appeared in my life. Not only are they the most elegant and beautiful colours and designs but they are also so comfy I’m not afraid to wear them all day.


The Red Chelsea Boots:

*items in this post have been gifted to me by It’s Got Soul, however all wording and opinions are my own.

If you follow me over on Instagram, you will know how much I have been obsessing over red recently, and as a girl who’s finally loving colour again, these boots were an instant win. The deep red colour and flat style make them the ideal shoe to wear of a day when you want to look like you’ve put in 110% effort, when really you haven’t. They are beyond flawless and go hand in hand with all my favourite red tops and accessories, and if you are like me, someone who has taken the red trend to the extreme then they are the perfect addition and pair of shoes to at least give the trend a go without being too darish.


The White Loafers:

My favourite pair of ‘It’s Got Soul’ shoes, and a pair that have hardly left my feet since I got them. The off white colour to me is timeless and for someone who’s ‘down days’ are spent in my jeans, a tee and trench coat then they are the perfect shoe to tie my casual day dressing up nicely. Oh and also, they are, if not, THE most comfiest pair of shoes I have ever owned.


The Grey Chelsea Boots:

Grey to me plays on the minimalist side, however my style isn’t about that all the time and therefore I wanted to play around with textures and prints and dress such a casual shoe up. Something which is pretty easy to do with these boots. I love the toughened suede and to me, it’s a material I would always say YES to, especially paired against a pair of leather look jeans.


The Green Lace Up Boots:

A match made in heaven? I recently bought this utterly beautiful leaf print shirt from Thackerays; the brand is called Rixo, and pairing it with these dark green lace up boots somehow seemed like a dream combination. I’ve always had a secret love for green, it’s one of the perfect spring colours and in the form of a shoe is totally unique and that’s why I love it so much. Think Robin Hood esque!



2 responses to “It’s Got Soul!”

  1. LeBellaItzy says:

    Wow! Those boots are divine babe!!


  2. Emily Louise says:

    The chelsea boots and the loafers are literally amaze!!! Xxx

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