The Things You’ll Know If You Have A Younger Sister

May 29, 2017

Seeing as today is my sisters birthday I wanted to do a little surprise post dedicated to her (hi Kiara) as a way of telling her how much she really means to me, and how much she actually does to make my life so much better, without even knowing I’m sure! Me and my sister are super close, I tell her everything, she tells me everything and honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better relationship than this one right here. I think sometimes we forget to tell each-other just how much we really mean to one another, we are both such busy people, with her dancing and still at school and me working full time it’s hard to always know when each other is free but that doesn’t stop us from being as close as we are. She makes me laugh so much, and is actually THE funniest person I have ever met, and also the weirdest at that. Sometimes the only thoughts going through my mind when she says certain things, or tells certain stories in this super strange accent is ‘What the hell’. But I love that part of her, and love how she’s probably one of the only people on this whole planet who I will truly be myself around, we are both such weirdos when we are together.

So here are 10 things you will definitely know if you have a younger sister…

1. Your wardrobe is her wardrobe:

If you are like me, someone who’s younger sister is in their teens (or older) then you will know all about this one. They feel like it’s acceptable to not only come and steal your clothes, but also not return them for weeks, months or maybe even years. However with this one, I am quite fortunate in that me and my sister are the same size, which doesn’t just mean she gets to rummage around my clothes, but also that I get to do the same with hers…and who wouldn’t be over the moon with having two wardrobes?

2. Anyone who hurts her, hurts you:

Why is it that when someone hurts your younger sister it hurts you, probably more than when anyone actually does anything to you. I can’t stand seeing my sister upset, and I also can’t stand when there isn’t much I can do to help. Whenever anything happens, or anyone upsets her I instantly want to turn up at the persons door and scream and shout at them…I am forever fighting back the urge to do so when situations like this happens. I will always be a shoulder to cry on for my sister and someone who will stand up for her, no matter what it is. Just remember: if you hurt my sister, you hurt me…and I’m not one to forget!

3. Whenever she does anything successful you want to tell EVERYONE:

Whenever she does anything remotely successful you feel the need to tell anyone and everywhere (whoever will listen) and share it with the world, because you are just so proud of them. My sister dances and is incredible at it (I’m very jealous she’s so naturally gifted- I look like an idiot when I attempt to do any of the moves she can do). She has been to the world championships with her dancing and has a windowsill full of medals and trophies (something I never and probably will never have.) But each time she does so well, I text pretty much everyone and share tonnes of stuff of Facebook…I guess you could call me the annoying older sister who’s probably their little sisters biggest fan.

4. They are the only person who will be completely honest with you:

Why is it that a younger sister will be completely honest with you, and for some reason it doesn’t bother you?  However if anyone else where to say some of the things they say to you, well, you’d probably never speak to them again. My sister always tells me when I’m being annoying, when she doesn’t like what I’m wearing, or if she thinks I’m being stupid or dramatic about something. She’s not afraid to go into details and even throw me the resting bitch face as she tells me just how annoying I am being, and for some reason I just laugh it of and we don’t fall out.

‘A loyal sister is worth a thousand friends’

5. You will always be asked to be the ‘babysitter’:

Your parents will forever be asking you to look after her when they are going out, and even though she will reach her teens, you still get asked that rhetorical question ‘Will you look after her?’ I guess on the plus side it means that your parents might offer to pay for a takeaway and you can sit and binge watch Netflix together without your mum demanding the remote so she can watch her latest series.

6. You can’t wait for the day they are old enough so that you can do more together:

I always think of the amount of things we will be able to do when she’s that little bit older and not at school anymore and it always makes me so excited for the future. One of the things is being able to take her on nights out and show her just how embarrassing you can be…because let’s face it, is is partially the older sisters job to embarrass their younger sister. I also can’t wait to take her away to cities in Europe and go exploring just the two of us!

7. As they get older you can start to tell them the problems you are having:

You go through that stage of finding them so annoying and childish but then they reach their teens and somehow they change into a beautiful mature person whom you can tell everything to. I am so grateful that my sister is a great listener, so whenever I need advice or am upset I talk to her and she actually helps a lot of the time, or is at least someone who offers her shoulder to cry on. The other thing is that as she’s got older she has started to tell me about how she feels, and I love knowing that she can talk to me about anything, and vice versa.

8. You will just have to face the facts they get to do more than you did at their age:

I don’t know if this applies to anyone with brothers, but my god when you think back to the things you could do at their age, the list is very small, minuscule maybe. However, for some reason your younger sister gets to do so much more than you were ever allowed to do at their age. And on top of that they are so fortunate to have not gone through any of the awful ‘trends’ that went about when you were their age like: chinos, backcombed hair, oversized flower clips and all the other dreadful things you used to wear and think were ‘cool.’

9.  No matter what happens you will always make up and go back to being friends:

I could never ever hold a grudge against my younger sister, and although we have had fallouts in the past or have general ‘catty’ argument, we always make up within the hour and forget it even happened. I honestly couldn’t live without her, and would hate to fall out for any longer than a few hours. The great thing is that we both don’t hold grudges so we go back to being best friends immediately after an argument.


10. You always feel the pressure to act like a role model in the hope that they look up to you:

Even at the age of 14 I still hope that my younger sister looks up to me and thinks ‘I want to be like Caitlin when I’m older’ maybe not in terms of what I am doing, but In terms of who I have become as a person. I love showing my younger sister how much fun it is being confident in yourself, always going after what you want and never stopping until you have it. I’m forever wishing that she looks at me and sees what I see when I look at her which is a beautiful and strong person who will go so far in life. And I want her to always take my advice in that we all go through hard times, but it’s the difficult times that shape us as a person, and as long as we are always true to ourselves, we will come out on top!

Especially written for Kiara Porter

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