The Things I Want To Fret Less About In 2018

February 2, 2018

It’s now the beginning of February and I’m still succumb to sadness that Christmas is over, the tree is down, the lights are gone and it’s time to get back on track of eating healthier, going to the gym more and pushing myself to already start ticking off the to-do list for the year…mine is quite long this year but maybe I will talk about that at a later date when I’ve actually successfully accomplished some of the things on the almighty list. So, this is my first blog post of 2018 and I wanted to talk about something that’s been going through my mind over the past few weeks. A few things that I want aim to do less of this year in order to start worrying less, and living a little more.


Worrying about small and meaningless things that won’t matter in a day’s time:

I read an article not that long ago about how many people overthink small negative events that happen in their lives…these include not packing something for a holiday, getting stuck in traffic, disagreeing with someone about something that isn’t even important and overthinking it for a month. I’m quite a sensitive soul, so when small things such as these happen to me I get agitated and upset for long periods of time. In fact it was just before Christmas I got makeup all over my brand new white turtleneck, instead of just finding an alternate top to wear, I went into full on meltdown mode and started rushing round the house shouting and screaming for half an hour. Now when I think back to it, It was the smallest, meaningless occurrence that could possibly happen in my life, so why was I so bothered by it? I think sometimes we fret about things without actually realising just how unimportant the situation is. Will it matter in a months time? No. Yet here we are still throwing a paddy because the top we wanted to wear on a night out has a stain on it, or the coat we had saved in our basket on Asos is now sold out. I am not at all saying that 2018 is going to mean that these things won’t stress me out, but I want to make it my aim to care less about such trivial things. I’d hate to think my life was wasted worrying about the less important things, when instead I could be thinking about where I’m going to travel to next, what my next plan is to help me on the path to my dream career or how could I be eating healthier.

Stop Fretting About Feelings:

God the f word I have started to despise…feelings. I don’t usually talk about ANYTHING like this but reading Sophie Milner’s blog (one of my all time favourite bloggers) I feel it only right to use my blog to talk about the things I’d write in a diary…If I had ever actually stuck with writing one when I was younger ( I think I only ever used it when I was feeling angry or upset which was very rare.) So yes, I’ve decided to make this year, the year I start fretting less about feelings and possibly boys all-together and start focusing on my career. I’d already told myself this year would be the year I move up in my life but I am dead set on actually making that happen.

How many of us girls sit and fret about feelings? The constant cycle of talking to someone for a while, getting your hopes up then a) they start to talk less or b) you become disinterested. I had a proper talk to myself recently, after realising I hadn’t been properly ‘single’ since I was 15 and god that feels like an eternity ago but It kinda made me understand why at this moment in time I’m heavily focusing on myself and less on having feelings for anyone or wanting another relationship. It’s not that I jumped from relationship to relationship by the way, because truth is I’ve only had 2 ‘proper’ relationships in my life, but It’s also meant that finding the time to put me first and no one else has dawned upon me and I’m making it this year that I do just that. So, to all the girls/women who are fretting about feelings and wondering whether he/she likes you or not, stop for a minute and realise just how amazing you are on your own, and just how far you can go if you use the time now to truly focus on the bigger picture…what are your aspirations and how are you gonna achieve them?

Fretting about how regularly/or irregularly I post on my blog:

Something else that crossed my mind when I sat writing this was the idea that as a writer and blogger I often fret about how regularly I am blogging, the pressure to constantly create new and engaging content often stays in my head 24/7. It’s not so much a pressure I feel is put on me by anyone else but myself but I’ve realised that I want to use my blog to talk about things that mean something to me and that I enjoy writing, I don’t want to feel like I am just putting together a post in order to say that I’ve posted something that week. I want to be able to make posts that a) are personal and unique to me b) are compelling c) actually make me happy. Creating blog posts take time and hard work, and it’s time I start taking the pressure off myself and stop fretting about the inability for me to always be creating new content.

I think sometimes the way to remain real and honest is to take the time to create content. I have a 9-5 job which means I don’t always have the time to get up of a morning to take a new Instagram photo…not if I want a slight lie in one day anyway. Or be able to sit and write a blog post at the times I feel the most energised and relaxed which is usually mid day. I want 2018 to be the year I write more personal posts on my blog, open up a little more and become more relatable to those who read my blog. I think I fret too much about what I write sometimes, it’s daunting thinking you might have opened up a little too much online, or written a post expressing your feelings with the reality that the person you are writing about may actually be sat reading it thinking ‘is this partially about me?’ If I had to be truly honest I think being personal and honest makes you a better writer which is what I aim to do more of this year.

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