Lets talk about Spring/Summer Trends

May 30, 2018

Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone is enjoying their week and are looking forward to the weekend. I’m actually sat by the harbour in Cassis after having demolished the most amazing Gnocci dish! The weather is pretty cloudy but hot enough for my pale skin to feel like it’s burning; don’t expect any tanned photos after my week here. I genuinely went to Dubai for 10 days before and came back looking like a milk bottle…I’m learning to live with the fact I’m never going to have a natural tan so there’s no point in fretting about it.

I feel as though a break was very much needed after feeling like I’ve worked really hard for the past few months. But in saying that I have been a super happy girl recently so this holiday is only going to heighten that…apologies to anyone that’s going to have to deal with me grinning non stop when I get back home.

Anyway onto the outfit…

The outfit: one that I have been absolutely desperate to share on my blog. You could say it has the essence of Clueless meets Scottish tartan. This Bershka co-ord was something I picked up a couple months back now when the weather was still crap and even though I knew I’d have to patiently wait till the weather got a little nicer I just simply couldn’t resist buying it; also for the fact if i’d have waited it would have without a doubt been sold out…knowing my luck anyway. I’m all about the co-ord trend at the minute; I love the versatility of such pieces. The chance to wear them together or as separates creates endless outfit opportunities.

I’ve worn the skirt quite a bit without the top; pairing it with my oversized charcoal ‘Colorado’ tee, white cowboy boots and matching white mini bag. Possibly one of my favourite outfits at the moment, and an outfit that caused for a group of guys to ask me if I was a cowgirl…next generic joke please. The top I’ve worn separately with my vintage wash denim jeans, my double buckled western chain belt and chunky trainers to finish off with. Truth be told I’ve probably worn each piece more as separates than together but none the less together it looks amazing paired with a velvet blazer and heeled boots; throwing in a yellow earring to add to one of this seasons big trends.

I’m definitely feeling as though this whole outfit ticks a lot of spring 2018 trends: check print, co-ord, pull zips and yellow. Oh and no, the fact I look like a primary school student when I throw it on doesn’t bother me at all.

Photos by Katherine Mcmorran:




6 responses to “Lets talk about Spring/Summer Trends”

  1. Lucy Jane says:

    This co-ord is everything and you look incredible in it! I feel ya about being a milk bottle, fake tan has become my best friend!x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  2. Holly White says:

    Ahhh this two piece is gorgeous on you! Such a cool look! xxx

  3. Tasmine says:

    Babe these pics are INCREDIBLE!!! I’m in awe! <3

    Written by Tasmine | UK Style Blog

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