The Things I Have To Look Forward To This Year

May 16, 2018

Finally it’s Wednesday after what feels like the slowest start to a week I’ve ever encountered. I think it’s because I’m looking forward to the weekend so much and actually have plans after the past few weeks which have consisted of me staying in my house all day and flicking between listening to music and binge watching The Alienist on Netflix; which if you haven’t seen it, you definitely need to watch (although maybe avoid -if you hate gory scenes and mutilated bodies.) I’d been trying to find a new series to binge watch seeing as Riverdale is close to finishing and while also patiently waiting for the new series of The Handmaids Tale to start which I’m OBSESSED with! So yes, so far, my weekends haven’t been as busy as the next few months are set to be.

I have so much on between the month of May and September and I don’t think I’ve been this excited about plans for a long time; last year was so amazing going to Cassis and the Amalfi Coast but I’m feeling as though this year will definitely match up, if not be better than the last. However with plans galore, my current mind set has kinda been *shit I need to save money! I’m awful at saving as I’m sure I’ve stated before, so if anyone wants to give me advice on how to save money I’d be eternally grateful; spending bans just don’t seem to work for me…I mean I do need outfits and bits for said plans…



I’m going back to beautiful Cassis; the same place as I went last year in June. I hadn’t been before last year, and quite frankly I hadn’t even heard too much about it other than my parents telling me how amazing it was. It’s actually, if not one of the prettiest places I’ve ever visited, so when my parents asked me If I wanted to come with them on holiday at the end of this month to Cassis I threw myself straight on the opportunity.

There were a few things we didn’t get to do the last time we went, so I’ve already taken it upon myself to tell my family that we are in fact going to canoe or take a boat out to one of the callanques where the water is crystal blue and go snorkelling in the sea.

This time we are staying in a small villa about 10 minutes away from the main part of Cassis rather than in a hotel; and to be honest I’m so looking forward to sitting in the sun, eating the most amazing food and exploring the hidden side streets with beautiful building and shops.


Glasgow Hen Do

My Auntie gets married this year which I am so bloody excited for; It feels like her wedding and events leading up to it is what’s been on my mind most of the time. There’s just something about weddings that makes me happy, and with me and my Auntie being super close and me seeing her as a best friend rather than an Auntie, this years definitely very special to me. So with a wedding comes a hen do; something I’ve never been to before and If I’m being honest I’m a tad scared about. The amount of stories I’ve heard about hen dos my mums been on I don’t even know what will be in store for me.

The hen do is in Glasgow; one of my favourite cities ever and an amazing place to go out in. Now I can’t say too much as my Auntie will probably be reading this and we have a few surprises rolled up our sleeves, so stay tuned for that at a later date.


My 21st

I TURN 21 THIS YEAR!! My mum keeps asking me what I want to do for it, and at this point in time I really don’t know. One part of me wants to have a party; maybe even a possible joint party with one of my best friends Jess. While the other part of me is telling me to wait and celebrate it at another date maybe somewhere exciting like Miami…I have been absolutely desperate to go for a while now so maybe I will use this as an excuse to hop on a plane and venture off.

Planning things has never been my forte, I’d much rather someone else do it for me. Pretty much like when decisions have to be made and I’m sat there saying ‘you decide’ even when I know full well what it is I want to do. It’s just how I’ve always been and even approaching 21 I can’t see things changing anytime soon. So maybe I will leave it down to someone else to decide for me…either way I’M TURNING 21!!



I’m going to Ibiza on the 8th August and this is one of the things I’ve been the most excited about this year. A ‘party’ holiday never used to be something that I was really that interested in but somehow I changed my mind last year when my Auntie invited me on a kinda ‘low-key’ hen do holiday with her closest friends (plus me and my mum) to Ibiza. And yes, you heard that correctly…I am going to Ibiza with my mum but she’s cool so it’s all fine.

I’m definitely looking forward to being the palest person on the island…a spray tan is an option but god help me when the last time I spray tanned was for a year 10 party when I was 14 and that didn’t go down too well.


My Aunties Wedding In Scotland

The last significant wedding I went to was my Aunties wedding in New Zealand a while back now and talk about a dream wedding; overlooking Lake Tarawera on the side of a hill top. I think family weddings are just a little more special, so with my other Aunties wedding in September and me being one of the bridesmaids this is 100% the event that I’m looking forward to the most this year. I haven’t been a bridesmaid since I was a child, possibly about 7 so my bridesmaid duties are a bit out of sync but none the less It’s going to be such a beautiful event and I’m counting down the days.


And for other plans after September they are still to be confirmed. I’m kinda tempted to go back to Amsterdam after going a few years ago and falling in love with it; but if anyone has any other suggestions as to short stay city breaks do let me know! 

What I’m Wearing:

Jacket: Dorothy Perkins *similar
Top: Topshop
Trousers: Zara 
Trainers: River Island

Photos by Katherine Mcmorran:






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