My Favourite Summer Artists + The Power Of Music

July 8, 2018

I’ve been going through a bit of a rocky time in my life recently…whilst I’m really happy with a lot of things going on at the minute, there is also some things that have been dwelling on me over the past week or so that have caused me to feel like I’ve lost direction in life as well as the idea that I know what it is I want…I’m completely lost and feeling as though a lot of change is going to HAVE to happen quickly in order for me to find happiness again.I’ve not felt like this in a long time, which is maybe why the feeling has hit me like a ton of bricks. I genuinely thought I knew what it was I wanted to do with my life and out of all the things I love doing I thought it would be easier picking a field that I have a talent in and that would make me excited, but at this moment in time nothing is really taking my fancy and it’s bloody frustrating me. The thing is I’m normally quite patient, I used to believe in all that ‘when the time is right’ malarkey, however over the past week my head has changed and I’m feeling somewhat inpatient and desperate to do something else and more with my life…I guess you could say I’m bored and that change for me will put my head and mind back in the place I want them to be.So, what exactly has any of that got to do with music you ask?Feeling like that has got me listening to more music. I’ve been creating playlists non stop since my head started to go fuzzy and while only temporarily it has kinda eased my mind a little…it’s crazy how powerful music can be when you are feeling a certain way and need some sort of escape. The thing for me is that whenever I’m not in the best place or not feeling myself I CAN’T LISTEN TO SAD MUSIC. I’m forever downloading sad songs but actually getting to listen to them becomes nearly impossible when I’ve already spent the past week crying non stop. I guess there are certain songs that connect with me and listening to them does nothing but heighten the way I feel; somehow making it 10 times worse!So therefore my playlists have been filled with nothing but chilled and happy songs. The type of songs you want to drive around to during sunset on a sunny day, when the sky is as blue as the ocean and the wind is coming through the open windows.

Who's in my summer playlist?

- Jhene Aiko:

Jhene Aiko is someone who I got into a fair few years ago now thanks to a friend at the time who was always listening to her.  I literally fell in love with her music and how each song was the perfect balance of meaningful lyrics combined with the energy and power to make you either want to sing or smile. Every time I want to listen to something chilled and light-heartened Jhene is probably one of my top 2 if not my top 1 person to listen to. At the minute I’ve been listening to ‘While We’re Young’, ‘Sativa’ and ‘The Worst’ on repeat.

- Kehlani: 

Kehlani’s ‘You Should Be Here’s is possibly one of my favourite songs ever, and the type of song I could listen to all day every day on repeat and not get bored of. Kehlani’s songs have quite similar vibes to that of Jhene but are probably a little more meaningful and have more of a clarity in the song lyrics which I’m always obsessed with, each song I listen to seems to resonate with a memory of mine or something I’ve been through myself.

- Lana Del Rey:

Of course I wouldn’t ever forget to mention Lana Del Rey in a post about music, I’d feel like very much of traitor to myself if I’m being honest. Lana Del Rey has been my ultimate favourite singer since her song Video Games came out all those years ago… I remember being in the car with my dad on the way back from a football game late at night and it coming on the radio. I’d probably never resonated with a song in that way before. The songs I forever have on repeat are ‘Ride’, ‘Blue Jeans’, ‘White Mustang’ and ‘Ultraviolence’ which are probably some of her most chilled songs and the type of songs that make you want to transport yourself to a Californian beach and sit and watch the waves ripple into the sand in the middle of summer. 

- Sabrina Claudio: 

There is definitely a little bit of a theme here with the artists in which I’m talking about; yes they are women…you know female empowerment and all that. I often find myself listening to female artists when I’m feeling sad just because I feel they are more relatable. Sabrina has been the type of artist I’ve been listening to since the start; when she didn’t have that many followers and would only really post short singing clips on her Instagram, so watching her success into the music industry was pretty incredible. The real crispness in her voice is probably what I love most, as well as how each song has that certain je ne sais quoi in-bedded in them. My ultimate favourite songs of hers are ‘Unravel Me’, ‘Belong To You’, ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Orion’s Belt’.What I’m Wearing:
Playsuit: Nasty Gal

Trainers: River Island
Bag: Koko Kouture *similar
Sunglasses: Asos

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