An Apology To The Planet and Why having Originality and Integrity is important

November 20, 2018

I just want to start this post by thanking Ryan Jamie Johnson for being such a talented photographer and turning my dream of sitting on a tennis court (not actually touching a tennis racket or tennis ball because I’m awful at Tennis) into a reality. I love meeting new photographers who really have a visual eye and want to work to create something exciting…and Ryan is literally that person!


So, I’m a little late to the Ted Talk but none the less thought I’d share my opinions on the documentary by Stacey Dooley ‘Are your clothes wrecking the planet?’ An interesting programme to say the least and a real eye opener if you are someone like me who loves fashion and clothes. I guess the point of the programme was to make us realise that fast fashion is ruining the planet in ways we never knew about and god did it make me feel guilty that I could have contributed to this in some way.

It’s so hard now-a-days when big high street brands are dropping new collections weekly rather than seasonally or monthly; and it makes it harder when you’ve signed up to the latest emails and are hearing about ‘new in’ pieces every week. You go for a quick look on Asos and are met with hundreds of ‘new in’ products which in turn you end up adding a few to your basket without even thinking about the consequences on the planet; and I guess that’s because not many people have really brought this side of the fast fashion industry to light. I’ve actually, since watching this programme unsubscribed from some of the top high street brands in order to take the temptation away… I am dead set on making one of my goals next year in buying less fast fashion pieces and instead re-wear and repeat what I already have.

How many times do we have a new event coming up, a night out planned for the not to distant future, even something as simple as a date and we feel as though this somehow warrants a whole new outfit?

Do I need another stripey t-shirt? No. Do I need yet another plain white tee when I already have 4? No. Do I need a new bloody outfit to every occasion? No.

It’s crazy really because I know there are influencers who won’t re-wear their clothes once they’ve taken a picture for the gram.  I just think, like, what’s the point? I buy things because I like them and see myself liking them in the future…of course there’s times I clear out my wardrobe and am met by something where I think ‘what the fuck’ was I thinking, that’s so not me. Or come across something I picked up in the sale because it was super cheap and thought I should buy it because it was a ‘bargain’. In fact I never wore it. But the majority of my wardrobe I re-wear and repeat, in fact sometimes I think about how much I wear certain things and how people must be sick to death  of seeing me in them…doesn’t stop me though.

I do feel like when you have some involvement in the fashion industry, whether you are a blogger or not it can influence your decision on whether you feel the pressure to need new clothes regularly. Top influencers always seem to be wearing the latest pieces from various brands and it does bring along a lot of pressure to feel as though you need to constantly refresh and update your wardrobe with trend led ‘new’ pieces. I also think it becomes more of an issue to the planet when brands start creating exact dupes of designer pieces, the affordable price tag makes you want it, especially if you were lusting over the designer piece with a much higher price tag knowing full well you’d have to take out three loans to afford it.

So, at what point do we stop and see the effects that all of this is having, not just on ourselves and the idea that materialistic things don’t buy happiness but also then contributing to the downfall of the planet. I was honestly so shocked at the effect cotton has on the environment, finding out that as a result the Kazakhstan’s Aral Sea has completely turned to dust. I can’t even comprehend this. It really did open my eyes and realise change has to happen.

I want to change the way I view fast fashion and realise that I don’t need new clothes all the bloody time. It’s definitely going to take some time to fight the constant temptation to buy new things, but I’m adamant that I can do it and get others to do the same.


Another thing that’s been on my mind recently is originality and integrity, and whether some people were never brought up with either?

It was only a week ago I found out that a woman who I know had completely used me to steal my mums business idea without even attempting to make it her own or having any integrity to tell me she was planning on thinking of doing something ‘similar’ which in turn was me sending her photos of my mums products thinking she was just simply going to buy one, her buying one for her daughter which she then copied to the exact, and continued to copy even more of my mums designs in which she posted on her newly found ‘business’ account. On top of this she continued to lie and be deceitful which I saw straight through…I’m a top detective on Instagram I tell you. Not as good as one of my friends who could probably find someones account using their first name only; where do people get these skills from *haha.

I understand we live in a world where completely original ideas are hard to come by and we are often drawn to pre-existing ideas, but isn’t the point of it all and being a creative to put your own spin on things, which really isn’t that hard to do…or at least for me anyway (someone who considers themselves a creative person and someone who always makes sure to put their own stamp on whatever she does.) So, when people come along who are completely incapable of originality and creativity of their own I simply don’t get it and I also find it completely mind boggling that the message they’d want to send to other people is that they have ripped off someone else’s creative idea and used the exact product to forefront their own business. Weird huh?

So is imitation really a form of flattery? Or are people taking imitation too far without leaving their own creative mark on things. For me, most recently I feel the latter applies. I’ll always make sure that If I like the idea of someone and would be thinking of doing something similar, that I’d only do it If I felt I could make it unique enough and personal enough to me. Take blogging for example, there hardly comes a time when someone writes about a topic that’s completely original however if you have the integrity and creativity you will make it your own. There’s been times when I’ve read about other bloggers who have had their posts plagiarised and the person doing the copying hasn’t even attempted to reword or redesign the post and instead has ripped the post of word for word. It’s hard to stop people from doing this, but what baffles me is that someone would lack the imagination and common sense to make it different.

On the topic of integrity as well, it’s something I’ve been brought up with. Knowing the basics of what’s right and wrong, knowing when there comes a time to stop being defensive and realise you’re in the wrong, and to think about how all that what you are doing is built on the foundations of stealing someone else’s work without even any any attempt to make it unique. I may only be 21 but the creativity, originality and integrity I have has all been taught from my mum and I wouldn’t change any of those traits for the world.


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  1. Andrea says:

    Brilliant thoughts 💭 & ideas 💡well written x

  2. Holly White says:

    Love these photos! And sorry to hear about the woman who stole your mum’s idea! So unfair :-(xx

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