2018: A roundup

December 23, 2018

With just two days to go before Christmas and a super busy week ahead, I wanted to share my last blog post before Christmas and (probably) New Year (chances are I will be too lazy, drunk and hungover to write another one until next year) but I wanted to write this one because I love recapping on everything I’ve done over the year.

2018. A year of growth, creativity, friendship and realisation. If anything 2018 has been my most memorable year to date, and I have learnt more about myself than any other year. I’ve learnt things about myself that I didn’t even know I was capable of, I’ve shown creativity in ways that have allowed me to work with some amazing brands and carry on creating content for another year through my blog and Instagram and while I have shown that determination to do well can go a long way, I’m also learning to be happy with the present and not rush into the future so quickly.

I’ve also learnt a bloody lot about myself and how dedicating a whole year to putting yourself and your happiness first, as selfish as it may seem at times pays off. And of course there are people who have shaped me, but sometimes you have to take the credit and say that the self love you’ve given yourself has made you the person you want to be.

But on top of that it has been a bit of a weird year at times. I’ve lost friendships and cut off contact from people who I never thought I’d loose. I guess people surprise you and you learn that over time your circle gets smaller and you are left with the people who are the most significant in your life. I’ve also been a little more emotionally unavailable and while once upon a time I’d have probably thought that was a bad thing, I’m learning sometimes It’s better when you want to put yourself first.

So what have I done in 2018?


This year I’ve had some absolutely amazing collaborations and also been sent pieces from some of my favourite brands including The Ragged Priest, Daniel Wellington, Even & Odd, Jewellery Box UK and also had my biggest collab to date with Sure deodorant earlier this year which I still find absolutely crazy!

I’ve probably enjoyed the content I’ve produced this year more than any other year, but I guess I say that at the end of every year when I look back and realise how much I’ve grown and how the things I wore at the start of the year I now HATE (that’s normal right??) Or at least the way I styled them isn’t how I’d style them now. I think the whole part of being creative and wanting to produce content is that you make mistakes and grow, so looking back on my work from earlier this year I’m not surprised I don’t like it as much.

I’m dead set on focusing more time to my blog and Instagram next year, and taking collaborations and sponsored posts a little more serious and coming up with some sort of plan for both, whether than be creating a media kit, or reaching out to brands. So I’m excited to see where that takes me.


I’ve been to quite a few places this year such as Cassis in March, Ibiza In July and then Amsterdam in November and I loved each and every part of my trips away.

I spent a week in Cassis with my family at the beginning of this year, after we all fell in love with the town before and told ourselves we were gonna go back…which we did. I wrote all about my trip away here and actually thinking about it now is making me wanna plan to go again. I feel like Cassis is probably where I will retire to when I’m old and decide I don’t wanna live In England…especially with the way it’s heading.

I then went to Ibiza in the summer (July) as part of my Aunties hen do which I said in my previous post…YES I DID GO WITH MY MUM and it was bloody amazing. Honestly I loved every minute of it; but also in saying that I don’t think I’d be desperate to go back straight away because I’d definitely take a city trip like Amsterdam over any holiday like that.

Okay, so talking about Amsterdam I then went there at the start of November and out of the three places I went to this year It was by far my favourite. Thinking about it, it’s actually crazy me and my friends have been friends for years now and that was our first ‘holiday’ together. I mean the original plan was for all of us to go (7 girls) but you know how it is trying to organise a trip away and people are NEVER free around the same time.

I’m kinda excited to start thinking about where I wanna go next year. I know me and my friends have already started talking a little bit about another European city, so maybe somewhere like Budapest would be on the list for 2019. However after speaking to my friend in New Zealand the other day I realised I need to start saving to go there either next year or the year after and that makes me so happy.


My Auntie got married in September and I was one of the bridesmaids which I only found out earlier this year and was literally over the moon when she asked me and my sister. I feel like we’d all been waiting for this wedding for so long, and it was actually what I’d been looking forward to the most out of all my plans for the year.

The wedding was in Scotland where my mums family are from and also one of my favourite places in the world as it just feels like home. She got married in the most beautiful hotel by the sea front in West Kilbride, and the whole day was so magical and emotional. I didn’t even think I’d cry but because of how close I am to my Auntie it was like watching my best friend get married and I had to hold back tears walking down the aisle in front of her.

I don’t know if it’s just me but every time I go to a wedding, I’m always like ‘I wonder who will be next’ my family seem to  be pointing the finger at me seeing as my sisters only 15 but I genuinely think she’ll be married way before me at this rate.


So this year I had the pleasure of shooting with two insanely talented photographers.

The first was Katherine Mcmorran earlier this year who I’d shot with last year as well and created some amazing content with her. She is absolutely amazing to work with and we created some super fun content in London. I always have the best time with her, even that time we shot at peak time on a super busy day near Brick Lane and she had me sitting in a plant and people were looking at us both like ‘what is going on’ but she got so many amazing shots so it was worth being stared at.

I then started working with Ryan Johnson about a month ago, and how I hadn’t heard of him before I really don’t know as a) he lives in the same bloody town as me and b) he is so so so talented. We have already had two shoots, the first one being on a tennis court and I was so happy he managed to get the vibes and vision I wanted to come across on camera, as I feel like sometimes this is what is so hard to do. Ryan has such a creative eye so it’s amazing to work with people like him to produce photos like these that you couldn’t just ask anyone to do.


It had been such a long time since I last was invited to some sort of event through my blog and finding out I’d been invited to the Puma x Sure event I literally couldn’t believe. The event was in London and while I was beyond nervous to go as I didn’t know anyone else going, I refused to let that stop me from going and having a good time…but being the social and giggly person I am I don’t find it too that hard to put myself out there and talk to people.

The event was so good and I met so many amazing people there and had the chance to view and take home a piece from their latest collection. It was so nice to actually take a day off work to head down to London and go to an event as the last event I was invited to was during a really busy period at work and I couldn’t take the day off to go.

It was actually the week off London Fashion Week when the event was on, and while I had a few hours to kill before it started I had a little wonder around the area near Somerset house before a few photographers asked if they could take photos of me and my outfit ( me being me thought they were talking to someone else) but that was pretty crazy as well and put me on such a high.


I told myself at the beginning of the year that I wanted to be open about my past and present experiences and things that are the most personal to me. So that’s exactly what I’ve done this year on my blog and It’s not been easy as I honestly get so nervous pressing publish whenever I’ve wrote anything remotely personal or controversial. But at the end of the day It’s what I enjoy writing and probably one of the biggest reasons I’ve stuck at my blog and continued to post.

I wrote about all the things I wanted to fret less about in 2018, including the pressures of blogging, feelings and worrying about such small trivial things that wouldn’t matter the next day. I’ve definitely taken a leaf out of my own book with these things and they’ve payed off as I seem to be happier and stressing less than I used to when I would constantly be fretting about everything in my life.

I wrote quite a bit about relationships this year after coming out of a long term one in October last year and trying to find my own feet. My first was about what I’ve learnt from breakups and what things got me through heartbreak the most and how much I’d learnt from the first few months after a long term relationship ended. I then wrote another relationship based post the other week talking in more depth about my past relationships and what I’d learnt from being single for a year.

I also wrote one of my most personal posts this year titled the ‘I never want kids’ stigma. Something I felt I had to talk about and something that isn’t discussed enough by women who don’t want kids later on in life. I had such a good response to that post with people messaging me agreeing with my views and thanking me for being so open about it.


I turned 21 in August this year and spent the weekend surrounded by my favourite people (my family). Me and my family are so close and I know a lot of people my age don’t tend to spend so much time with their family but I’m probably the most happy when I’m with them.

We stayed over in London; had breakfast at the Ivy Kensington Brasserie, went shopping, to my favourite Vintage market near Tower Bridge and then had dinner overlooking the River Thames so overall my birthday was everything I could have asked for and more.

So, in short, my year has been quite memorable and I honestly can’t wait to make more exciting memories next year.

And I also hope everyone has the most amazing Christmas and New Year!


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