Spring Is here: here’s what I’m watching/listening to

May 4, 2019

I know the title of my post is ‘Spring is here’ and quite evidently (if you live in the UK) you’ll realise that Spring weather seems to have vanished after the super hot weather we had like two weeks ago. Nonetheless I’ve been in the spring mood and ignoring all rain forecasts because hey I want to wear my spring/summer wardrobe and not have to layer up with my winter clothes that should already be up in the loft.

I think Easter Weekend was like a teaser of what’s to come this summer (hot days spent on the beach, drinking in pub gardens, anything to do with being outside basically).

I actually had the most amazing Easter Weekend in Wales and somehow didn’t manage to burn despite being outside for the majority of it. We went to the most beautiful beach in Swansea; Llangennith beach and I think it was made even nicer by the fact it wasn’t packed with tonnes of people. In fact for a great part of the afternoon we had the beach to ourselves; something I wasn’t expecting over a hot Easter weekend. I think that’s one thing I’ll always be jealous of, people who live near a beach. Where I live it’s literally one of the furthest (most central) points from the sea which I HATE…all I want is a pretty beach to easily get to at the weekend!!

What am I listening to at the minute?

I’ve literally been living with my headphones in over the past month or so, constantly listening to anything from Podcasts to new songs I’ve discovered on Spotify. It’s been great because I’ve been going to the gym a lot more over the past few months so I’m always in need of songs to listen to, to keep my occupied and also to block out anyone that wants to talk to me (doesn’t always seem to work though) *cries.

I’ve actually found my love for Sabrina Claudio again (thank god) not that I ever stopped obsessing over her but I think I used to listen to her music every day that I took a break and when I found out she had played at Coachella I was straight on YouTube watching her set and fell straight back in love with her. If you haven’t watched/or listened to her ‘Messages from her’ set or song for that matter then make sure you do, she literally has the most breathtaking voice.

Another singer I have COMPLETELY fallen for again is Paolo Nutini, he appeared on a playlist I created last summer when I was on the way to Wales and I found myself singing pretty much every song of his out loud…great way to pass the time when you have a 3 hour car journey ahead.

I’ve also been listening to Podcasts (mostly ones about conspiracy theories, crime, Game of Thrones and dating). I’m completely hooked on ‘Stuff they don’t want you to know’ purely for it’s insight into conspiracy theories and anything that really gets your mind going ‘WHAT THE HELL’. My favourite one I listened to recently was ‘What will humanity be like in 1,000 years?’ which I think is pretty relevant especially with y’know the fact we are basically destroying our planet and need to drastically change but also because It makes you question so many normalities on our lives right now.

What am I watching?

So as you can probably guess from my previous statement about the type of Podcasts I’m listening to, yes, I am watching the new series of Game of Thrones and loving it for that matter. Honestly when I first started watching GOT all those years ago I never thought I’d still be into all these years later, purely because I used to not be able to watch the blood and gore which obviously there’s a lot of that in pretty much every episode. Also I have been completely obsessing over Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams from the programme…but who isn’t??

I feel like TV has been so amazing recently with series like ‘The Bay’, ‘The Widow’ and ‘Line Off Duty’ on, there hasn’t really been much time of flicking through the channels attempting to find something entertaining to watch. Also I am so looking forward to series like Big Little Lies and The Handmaid’s Tale coming back out this year and I’ve also seen a list of new Netflix releases I want to watch so honestly, I really don’t know how I’m gonna find time for all of this…but this girl’s dedicated to cramming it all in.

With that said I’m going to go and watch the latest episode of Game Of Thrones for the 4th time because why not, gotta be completely prepared for the new episode on Monday and I hope everyone has a great bank holiday weekend!



2 responses to “Spring Is here: here’s what I’m watching/listening to”

  1. Paige says:

    Okay I’m definitely listening to that ‘stuff they don’t want you to know’ podcast that’s super up my street! I also can’t wait for the new season of Big Little Lies too! Though I haven’t finished the first season yet haha I’d better get a move on! These photos are an absolute dream again!

    • caitlin says:

      It’s so good I always wanna tell people about the stuff they talk about on there!! Thank you so much Paige xx

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