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Barbados Travel Diary

July 4, 2019

BARBADOS, BARBADOS, BARBADOS YOU UTTER BEAUTY. This holiday was one of the most special holidays I’ve simply ever had and my god is this place stunning. I got back just over a week ago and I’m still not settled into normality and plain boring views everywhere I look. I want to be back on the beach, swimming with turtles, drinking beer on a boat and watching the sunset on our balcony as well as being surrounded by THE nicest people I have ever met. You really do see the difference between english customs when you are here and staying in the Fairmont Royal Pavilion I can put my hands up and say I have never met such lovely and friendly people in all my life, despite already travelling to a lot of places.

So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that the reason me and my family went to this specific area and hotel in Barbados is because it was my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary and they got married in the Royal Pavilion all those years ago. Which was why it was such a special holiday for us all as my parents hadn’t been back here in 25 years and me and my sister had always wanted to go and see where it was they got married.

We arrived in Barbados at about 3/4pm on the Tuesday; greeted at the airport by staff with local drink for us to try (was quite amazed as I can’t imagine this ever happening at any UK airports). We only had a few hours left of that day before the sun went down, and as expected we headed straight to the beach after checking in the hotel, which was right on the doorstep of the hotel. I was instantly amazed at the friendliness of the staff on reception and butler Peter who ended up being so amazing alongside Simon and Edwin; constantly putting in so much effort into making sure mine and my families holiday was perfect.

All the beaches in Barbados are public but honestly it was so lovely how quiet and calm it was, and I know a big part of that reason was because we went out of season and away from any school holidays. AMEN! We also had plans that first night to head off to Sandy Lane for dinner with my dads colleague and his partner for her birthday which was lovely and when I say now they had the best buffet, I mean it. Especially desert I literally threw everything from cookies, bread and butter pudding to chocolate cake on my plate and somehow managed to eat it all… I always have room for desert.

We spent most of the days chilling by the sea or the pool and my god was the stretch of beach the most incredible I’d ever seen. Even thinking about it now puts a smile on my face. It was actually so nice to be able to spend quality time with my family relaxing and all enjoying ourselves, something we don’t seem to do too often and back home I’d been feeling a little down about some things so being able to come to Barbados and basically just unwind for a week was exactly what I needed and has actually left me feeling more at ease and happier.

The hotel we stayed in was simply a dream; If you are into pink aesthetics and lots of palm trees like me. It was actually to date my favourite hotel we’d ever stayed in, and the room was simply breathtaking. Literally right on the beach, a massive palm tree directly in front and with a massive circular bed on the balcony which I loved laying on early evening to take in the last of the days heat and listen to the sound of the ocean on.

A few days in we decided to go jet skiing, which is one of my favourite things to do on holiday. I took Kiara on the back with me while my mum and dad took another one out together; don’t think my dad entirely trusted me which was interesting as him and my mum fell off because of the way he had turned the jet ski…me and my sister were literally in hysterics as I swear it happened in slow motion.

We also got up two mornings at 8am for Yoga which was so nice to do as a family and something I hadn’t ever really done before. I actually surprised myself how flexible I was compared to a few years ago when I couldn’t even touch my toes when standing up. The woman who took the yoga class was incredible and I felt so amazing and refreshed after. The class took place just off the beach under a sheltered area, it was so relaxing being able to listen to the sound of the ocean and the birds chirping in the trees (much better than those Cd’s you get that imitate the sound of nature.)

We stayed in the hotel for dinner each night (apart from the first) and I was blown away by the quality and variation of food that we could have. There were a few buffet nights with amazing meats like pork ribs and spiced chicken while a ‘side’ of mac and cheese literally took over the majority of my plate (I can’t resist mac n cheese). There were also some amazing pasta dishes like Carabanara which I am a sucker for and have tried and tested a lot of since I was a young girl and can say this was THE BEST I’ve ever had. Also deserts consisted off things like bread and butter pudding and strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake which I’d never had before and well yeah let’s just say is now my new favourite dessert.

ALSO we had sunday roast on sunday and I was fully impressed at how they topped any sunday roast I’ve had in England…despite it being an English tradition.

There were also two super cool places just down the beach for food or drinks during the day. Ju Ju’s which sold burgers and cocktails and was a casual, relaxed place to eat and drink and then further down was the Lone Star Restaurant and hotel which we had lunch and cocktails in one day and was really really modern and beautiful inside and a little more upmarket.

We went for a week and although it didn’t seem like a long time, the days didn’t go by too quickly and we managed to fit in everything we wanted to do.

The one thing I was absolutely desperate to do before we had even got there was to swim with turtles and being able to do that was an incredible experience, I actually felt a little emotional on the boat ride back as the experience was so surreal. I couldn’t believe how calm they were and how they wanted to swim right next to us (probably just as interested in what we were as we were to them). The guy who took us on the boat was amazing and It was a lot nicer for it just to be the four of us as I know you could do tours on the catamaran but with big groups. On the boat ride back to the hotel it was also nice being able to see the coastline and other beaches; especially with a beer in hand and the ocean breeze on my face to take away the fact it was absolutely roasting.

And there we go, my Barbados travel diary. I definitely don’t think that will be the last time I visit Barbados, especially now knowing just how stunning it is and how friendly the people are.

I hope you liked reading about my trip and enjoy the rest of the photos in the post. And if you are toying with the idea of heading to Barbados or it’s on your bucket list then I would definitely recommend looking at the Royal Pavilion for your stay.


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  1. Is this place even real!!?! Dying to go to this part of the world. You’re all so beautiful. xxxx

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