22 Things I’ve Learnt in 22 years

August 14, 2019

Hello I hope you’re all well. So it was my 22nd birthday the other week and I spent the day In London with my best friends Hannah, Lou and Carys drinking cocktails, eating street food and giggling non stop – I’ve written all about my day in another post over here.

So I was kinda thinking just before my 22nd birthday how 22 seemed like such a boring age compared to 21 and for some reason so much older. I know it’s just a number and even writing that down sounds a little crazy but I can’t help but feel like I just wanted to stay 21 forever. It also got me thinking about the last time I wrote this sort of post which was on my 20th birthday and how much I had changed in those 2 years…because I literally don’t even recognise myself back then (not in terms of look but in terms of personality and attributes).

So here it goes, 22 things I’ve learnt in 22 years.


































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