A busy month ahead and why I can’t wait for autumn

September 4, 2019

Oh hey September, long time no see. I actually can’t believe summer is over and autumn is on it’s way and after an amazing summer filled with holidays such as Barbados and Rome, birthdays and spending time with my friends and loved ones It’s safe to say I’m really looking forward to Autumn (as you can tell by this outfit).

I wanted this post to be a general chit chat about what I’m going to be upto in the next month or so as September is literally one of my busiest months and I honestly don’t even have a free moment…which I love as I’m the type of person who always needs to have things planned at the weekends.

Having just got back from a weekend away in Wales seeing Alex and spending our time bowling, eating excessive amounts of food (which I always seem to do when I’m with him) and chilling on a beach I then had the journey from hell coming home as one of the main roads was closed and my maps kept messing up and not letting me redirect… it literally took me back to the closed road 4 times in total and by this point it was 11:30 pm and I just wanted to get home. Dad to the rescue though. None the less I had the best weekend and am so looking forward to the next few weekends of plans, plans and more plans *goodbye September pay cheque.

So I’m heading to London with one of my amazing friends Francesca on Saturday. We’ve literally been trying to plan this for a month and a bit now and failed at finding a weekend we were both free so FINALLY we have a date in the diary and can head down to London for a girly day of eating food, drinking cocktails and getting up to any mischief that we normally do when we are together.

I also have plans the following weekend to see Paige Rhianne which I’m SO SO SO excited about after having followed eachother for like 5 years now on instagram and only just getting round to actually meeting up. We’ve decided to go to Birmingham for the day for drinks as It’s not far from either of us. I love this side to blogging and being on Instagram, how close it brings you to people who share similar interests to you and friends you’d have never met if it wasn’t for being online.

Then the weekend after that I’m going to see my lifelong friend Annie in Southampton. She’s been working as a Vocalist on a cruise ship which i’m super jealous about and docks in Southampton at the end of September meaning I can go and spend the day with her when she’s not travelling around the globe.

So, yeah September is looking like a busy month already and I can’t wait.


I’m also really really really looking forward to Autumn (aka one of my favourite if not my favourite season). I spent most of my Birthday money on pieces I knew I’d wear come Autumn as the fashion for this season is to die for and already I’m kinda looking forward to it getting a little colder so that I can start layering and wearing my favourite denim with big chunky boots and knits. Not to mention how nice it is when the autumn leaves start appearing on the trees and how cosy the house feels of a night when you get in and can chill with a hot drink and a movie.

I’ve already started taking down my Summer inspo board in my room which I fill up with pictures from Tumblr and Pinterest and replacing them with autumn/winter pictures, and I’ve seen a hell of a lot of western vibes, tailoring, beige, oversized blazers and checked prints which I can’t wait to start wearing when the weather gets a little cooler… just please hurry up Autumn!


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  1. Laura Reaney says:

    Loved this chatty post Caitlin, and these photos are just stunning!! The cream and black tones are gorgeous. Autumn is my favourite month so I can’t waittt. I love that you have a seasonal inspo board in your room too. I make seasonal Pinterest boards but always wanted to put some up on the bedroom walls!

    Sounds like you have a fab September planned. I’m also going to London – I’ll be there this Friday for work and again next Tuesday to Thursday for events and fun! Wish I was there for fashion week though. Hope you have an amazing time!


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