Catch Up: Changing my blog name, Counting Down to June and What I’ve been upto

April 19, 2019

Hi, hello! It’s only been like, what, 5 months since I last posted anything on here? Oops. I don’t know what’s happened but I seemed to have taken a turn…

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2018: A roundup

December 23, 2018

With just two days to go before Christmas and a super busy week ahead, I wanted to share my last blog post before Christmas and (probably) New Year (chances are…

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An Apology To The Planet and Why having Originality and Integrity is important

November 20, 2018

I just want to start this post by thanking Ryan Jamie Johnson for being such a talented photographer and turning my dream of sitting on a tennis court (not actually…

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A colourful Amsterdam Guide

November 14, 2018

Hey, I hope you are all doing well. I’m writing this on a Monday evening; a week after travelling to Amsterdam with two of my best friends Carys and Lou.…

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The Jewellery brand I’m loving atm, Being More Personal and Admitting My True Feelings

October 18, 2018

Hey, it’s me…the girl who owns this blog but for some reason fails to actually write and post regularly. I’m so sorry for the absence of my presence on here…

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